Twenty years ago, the first “Bogdan” bus got off the assembly line. It was a small city bus designed for 45 passengers. From it the history of one of the largest domestic producers of public transport and cars in Ukraine began.
The model was designed in 1998 at the then enterprise of “Bogdan Corporation” in Cherkassy. The engineers of JSC “Ukravtutobusprom”, the former All-Union Institute of Bus and Trolley Construction located in Lviv, took part in its development. The scientific approach and application of modern technologies allowed the bus to be comfortable, maneuverable, economical and reliable.
Thanks to this, “Bogdan” vehicles has quickly gained widespread popularity among carriers and passengers in Ukraine, and since 2003 – abroad as well.
In 2008, the record number of “Bogdan” vehicles was released – 3 776 units. And the next year, the corporation reoriented to develop and manufacture low-floor buses and trolleybuses of medium, large and ultra-large classes. Even then, the company realized that modern large neo-liners should come instead of “marshrutkas”.
“Bogdan” focused on the development of promising areas of auto industry – environmentally friendly electric and hybrid vehicles. The company has invested enormous funds in the construction of modern factories in Ukraine creating thousands of jobs.
“Statistics say that the number of electric vehicles in Ukraine is increasing every year. Modern urbanism dictates the need to move from models with internal combustion engines to electric aggregates. This is not only an environmental concern, but an opportunity to avoid fuel costs. “Bogdan” is the first domestic car manufacturer formed during the years of independence which supports and develops these trends in Ukraine,” noted in the press service of “Bogdan Motors”.
In 2012, the Ukrainian hybrid bus Bogdan A70522 was presented which spent 35-40% less fuel compared to conventional models. In 2 years, the first Ukrainian electric bus Bogdan A70100, which was certified in the EU, came out on the street of Polish Lublin.
In total, 18 781 buses and trolleybuses were manufactured in 20 years. Today “Bogdan Corporation” is a modern European company that introduces advanced technologies in production and has a 5-step quality control system of its products. Due to this, it has concluded international agreements with a number of EU countries. Since 2018, “Bogdan” has been cooperating with the French company “Bluebus” in the production of bodywork for electric buses. And recently, it signed an agreement with Danish “Banke Electromotive” to develop electric special vehicles.
The “Automobile Assembly Plant №1” in Lutsk is engaged in the production of public transport at the corporation. Its capacities allow to produce 2 200 units of equipment per year. However, by 2020, they can be increased to 6 000 units. The development of special equipment and military cars, as well as the production of passenger cars, is assigned to the “Automobile Assembly Plant №2” in Cherkassy. An enterprise can produce 120-150 thousand cars per year.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the “Bogdan” brand, the national car manufacturer carries passengers free of charge on their new large buses and trolleybuses on May 23. The campaign will cover the cities which began the renovation of municipal fleets and the transition from small class buses to modern transport models of large and ultra-large classes. The journey will be free of charge for “Bogdan” buses and trolleybuses of large and extra-large classes. The campaign will be held in 9 largest cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Vinnytsa, Khmelnytsky, Sumy, Odessa, Kremenchug, Poltava, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk.