“Bohdan Corporation” has released more than 368 thousand vehicles under its brand in the last 20 years. This was announced by the press-service of the company.
The production capacities of the corporation are represented by two car assembly plants – in Cherkasy and Lutsk. Since 1998, 338 172 cars, 18 781 trolleybuses and buses, and 11 250 trucks and commercial cars got off their assembly lines.
“We started production with 3 buses per year, and today the “Bogdan” plants could produce up to 6 000 units of public transport and up to 150 thousand passenger cars per year. For 20 years, “Bogdan” brought domestic technology to the international market and was the first to introduce in Ukraine production of innovative types of transport – hybrids and electric buses,” emphasized in the company.
The military aggression of the Russia in the east of Ukraine has become a new challenge for “Bogdan Motors”. The corporation reoriented factory capacities for the needs of the army and launched the production of military equipment. These are the military trucks “Bogdan 63172”, armored cars “Bars”, multifunctional off-road cars “Bogdan 2351”, sanitary cars “Bogdan 2251”.
All vehicles successfully completed the tests of the Ministry of Defense and were handed over to servicemen for experimental exploitation. Mobile mortar complex UKR-MMC, created on the basis of the armored car “Bars-8MMK”, was recognized as one of the achievements of the Ukrainian defense industry in 2017 according to the authoritative international online edition InformNapalm.
The national car manufacturer continues to work on the model range and new developments. The company was one of the first in Ukraine to introduce European quality standards into production. Before getting to the consumer, the “Bohdan” vehicles passes 5 degrees of control. This provided the company with international contracts with France, Denmark, Poland.
On May 23, the corporation celebrated the 20th anniversary of the “Bogdan” brand. On this day, an all-Ukrainian action was held within which the inhabitants of the largest cities of Ukraine were able to use the new comfortable big buses and trolley buses of “Bogdan” free of charge. The campaign covered the cities which began the renovation of municipal fleets and the transition from small class buses to modern transport models of large and ultra-large classes.